Hello and Welcome to our Highway Five


l If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you have noticed I have made some changes.  Instead of having my post come up on this home page instantly there is some movement required on your part.  If you look above you can see different titles; About, Katie Grace, Charles and Katie, etc.  If you click on those it will take you that that page.  So if you wanted to read only about The Artist Way, just click there and you will see my latest post about it.  If you want to read more on Katie Grace, just click there. If you want to see everything, click on the Blog on, it will have all of them there, in the order in which I wrote them. Also, I know this isn’t the most eloquent way of letting you all know of the changes, I am just limited in my technology savviness,and this is the best way I could figure to how to do it.  If you are more savvy and more smarter then please let me know, I might be available to let you help me out. lol. I kid. Well not really.  But kind of. But really help me if can and want to.