I am stay at home mom of two. My son is my laughter. He loves life and all that it holds. My daughter is my life changer.  My husband is my rock. My friends and family who have stood and loved me…they are so much of my heart.  Jesus is my best friend and confidant. He is the only answer I know.

I love life and all that it holds. Good, bad and ugly.  I really like TV. I miss Alias, always cry at Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, secret addiction is Grey’s Anatomy. I love to hate that show.

I used to be someone who was on time but that stopped about four years ago.  Now I just get there when I get there.

I love to analyze books. I love how a writer can make me love and hate a person who never existed outside of their own mind.

I just bought my first house.

I spend alot of time going to see doctors and talking medical jargon I know almost nothing about but pretend that I do.  Well I actually might know more then I give myself credit for.

I really like to make friends and it is practically impossible for me to met a stranger.

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    1. Claudia!! You were our first champions and you have stayed our champions!! Love you!
      P.S. When I need inspiration…I just shoot over to your blog ❤️. Or when I need to know which book to read next 😉. Love you!

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