DYI Christmas Decorations and Wall paint

This is our first Christmas in our new house and I was so excited to decorate.  I got on Pinterest and was ooohhhhing and aahhing over the amazing crafty and beautiful decorations out there.  Then I realized the center point in my living room gets really really hot when we have a fire…and so a mantel although could work…wasn’t going to be by best choice. And all the amazing crafty beautiful things I was LOVING on Pinterest…needed a mantel.  I took me a day or two but this is what I came up with.



Charles had some extra wood from the Isaac room re-do so he build me the picture frame. I painted it, then bought the wood letters from Michaels, Modgepodge the scrapbook paper on.  Stapled gunned the letters with string and there it is hung above our fireplace. My mom of course in all her deepness, looks at it and says…”I love how it could also represent suspended belief. Like we are waiting in awe and wonder.”

I love her.

She also added these amazing little touches that really brought in the whole Christmas decoration feel.



Sorry for this sideways one…we argued about it’s direction and it won.  Sometimes technology is just smarter then me. 🙂

Oh…and I made these to go outside my door.  They are a bit frazzled from a storm we had awhile ago. Excuse their frazzledness:


Along with all of my Christmas craftiness I have finally painted my living room walls.  I was so tired of white…I lived in a sea of white and I needed color.  When I say I painted my living room, I mean I picked a color and Charles painted.  He is better at it, I don’t fight it. I embrace it. 🙂  Here are some beginning, middle and end pics.

I love him. And the color!


Yes in case you were wondering that is a color swatch painted on my wall. I had like 5 of them for like 2 weeks. I have a patient family.


ImageImageImagePlease excuse the medical bag…they are just apart of our life.  No way around them really. 

So there is all my craftiness for the last couple of weeks.  This week I am trying to finish a little homemade project for my nursery team. I love them ladies and I hope they love their gifts 🙂

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